AP Pro 300M

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AP Pro 300M - Peplink & Pepwave Sales


Product Code APP-AGN
WAN Interface 1x GE as WAN or LAN
Wi-Fi Interface 802.11a/n or 802.11b/g/n
Embedded 3G/4G LTE N/A
LAN Interface N/A
Recommended Users 1-60
Router Throughput N/A
Data Rates 2x2 MIMO, 2.4GHz: 300Mbps or 5GHz: 300Mbps
Disk Drive N/A
Load Balancing & Failover N/A
PepVPN Yes
SpeedFusion Hot Failover N/A
SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing N/A
SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding N/A
Number of PepVPN/SpeedFusion Peers 1
PepVPN/ SpeedFusion Throughput N/A
Built-in AP Controller N/A
Maximum Number of AP Support N/A
PoE Input Power over Ethernet 802.3af
PoE Output N/A
Dimensions 310 x 230 x 66 mm
Gross Weight 4.4 kg
Package Content AP Pro 300M
1x Waterproof Ethernet Kit
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